In Metcon a dedicated, highly experienced & innovative group of project managers supported by their dedicated team of highly skilled Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical, and Instrumentation Engineer follows every project to ensure all commitments are delivered as promised, and provides a single-point contact with the customer project team.

Global Marketing with Local Reach

  • Being a Global Player, Metcon incorporates the best practices of design, manufacturing and execution.
  • The wide-spread network of Channel Partners and Service Teams stationed at different locations provide our clients after-sales support locally, within a very short time.
  • The technical knowledge of our Marketing Personnel and their ability to propose the clients a system with the balance of CapEx and OpEx, helps Metcon establish its footprint around the globe.

Multi- Dimensional Design & Drawing

  • A group of dedicated mechanical, electrical & instrumentation engineers carefully study the requirements and formulate the right solutions for our customers.
  • State of Art document control, document traceability & data library allows tracking of all documents pertaining to a particular project.
  • Well-equipped drawing wings are ready to provide general arrangement, layouts, P & ID, cable routing and other necessary drawing with ease for standard as well as customized products & Projects.
  • In-house design software eliminates the unforced errors and enables one-click submission of datasheets.

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Assembling Bay

  • Over 20,000 Sq. m factory in Kolkata offers comprehensive resource with a workforce of over 100 skilled & unskilled people to meet the most demanding requirement of our customer.
  • The fabrication facility offers a great strength to us and our customers in meeting the highest quality standard within the shortest possible time at a reasonable cost.
  • Certified Welders from TUV/NTPC
  • A strong focus on Environment, Health and Safety ensures minimal hazards at the workplace and no pollution to the environment.
  • Pilot Testing facilities at the works.
  • An intergraded supply chain management system with CRM powered by ISO Norms able us to maintain the inventory ensuring delivery as per commitment.

Project Management

  • The highly experienced group of Project Managers ensures smooth execution of the project by coordinating with the Client Project Team.
  • Records are carefully maintained as a track of every activity against each project and provides real time pictures.

Quality Control

  • Stringent Quality Control Engineers ensuring proper quality of every manufactured items as per Client Specification or relevant standard.
  • Three steps in Quality Control 1. Incoming Material Check 2. In Process 3. Final inspection.
  • Facility for Client Inspection or Third party inspection.

Post Sales Services

  • Our Customer Care team is just a click away to guide our customers to operate and troubleshoot the plant
  • Our service engineers reach the client site within 48 hours from registering the request for visit.
  • Our highly trained and experienced service engineer & field personnel have worked with leading edge technologies, and understand the unique demands of every industry we serve.
  • In our after sales service department monitored by customer care division, customers placed anywhere can order wide range of replacement parts, spare parts, consumable through our help desk.