“We are committed to provide the incomparable liquid engineering solutions for water and wastewater to our clients in India and globally”

Metcon Water Systems Pvt. Ltd. is driven by its strong mission of providing innovative and technologically advanced water solutions to industries in environmentally and ecologically sustainable manner. This motivation keeps inspire us to look beyond the horizon and think out of the box. Enriching a rich legacy of over 5 decades in the field of water and waste water solutions. Metcon remains as a preferred partner for client`s both in India and aboard.

The global water industry is dynamic with-challenging market environment. Technological innovations, excellence in quality and services, are the key factors for sustenance spreading over generations. We thoroughly believe that “trust” is the key element for customer retention. We at Metcon, firmly place the “trust” of our clients on the highest pedestal and always believe in creating formidable solutions for a long and deeper relationship.

As a responsible corporate entity, we intensively endeavour in growing water scarcity and environmental consciousness and work with clients with the purpose of mitigating the challenges of climate changes and resource depletion. We are committed to the preservation of the environment we live in and ardently contribute with water and industrial wastewater treatment and also resource augmentation.

We at Metcon believe in innovating our solutions for the benefit of industry at large. Each year innovative technology is adapted in the field of water and waste water. In the last 2-3 years we have added Mill X filters which is an innovative technology in removing scale in TMT quenching and wire rod mill and block mill. It has been approved by major consultant like R. Singh and Associated and Korus in India and all alongside accepted in many international users and consultants and have recently executed orders for Rashmi group for a recirculation rate of 2400 m3/hr. for their rolling Mill TMT quenching circuit. Additionally we have now technology of UHRSCC for Mill water scale and oil removal in steel plants. We are executing project of 1600m3/hr. and 300 m3/hr. for two steels plants.

In sync with our continuous innovation and development we recently have an approval from American Eagle Sustainability Department and are executing ETP recycling project of 120 m3/hr. at Chittagong.

In our ambition to become a globally recognized solution provider, we have a complete gamut of technologies, manufacturing capabilities, project management and infrastructure engineering solutions. The rich experience in designing and developing hundreds of projects for water & wastewater treatment plants have helped in making us a trusted partner with repeated orders from our Indian and global industrial & commercial clients.

Our benchmark for success has been our commitment of quality and service to our customers. The make in India products manufactured by us is receiving wide acceptance and admirations in many countries despite having strong competition from the European and other market players.

We shall identify further new opportunities to pursue the fulfilment of our mission, using the innovation and quality as our main driving tool. In particular, internationally we will like to focus on establishing a robust network for further developing the products which we offer in Asian and African countries.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my Customers, Employees and Business Partners who have contributed relentlessly with their hard work and efforts to bring us here today and we will continue to keep growing in the years to come. We will endure our endless effort to serve our valuable customers sincerely and passionately.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Neeru Varma

With more than 50 years of expertise we are well positioned to cater to various spectrum of application in industries