Case Studies for Industry: Paper Mill

Client: Mostafa Paper Complex Ltd.
Location: Bangladesh

Key Challenges:

  • The customer being one of the fastest growing organization in the paper sector was looking for a complete water solution based on an integrated approach.
  • The source water (from the river) had high colloidal silica.
  • The colloidal silica present in the raw water was variable according to season. In monsoon, it increases to a remarkable level.

Metcon’s Solution

  • Metcon’s intricate understanding of the water application led to innovation and implementation of a fool-proof soln.
  • Sew Water RO Membrane was used in the RO for better performance of the system.

Business Benefits

  • Using Sew water membrane, increased the life of the membrane, thus decreasing the maintenance expenses.
  • The plant is being successfully operated from 2009.