Carbomax (Activated Carbon Filter)

Metcon’s “Carbomax” is most widely used filter for absorption of impurities. In water treatment Activated Carbon is employed for:

  1. Dechlorination
  2. Removal of Organics
  3. Removal of Odour
A specific velocity to be used, which depends upon the application and treated water quality desired. It also depends upon which nature of activated carbon in terms of its pore size, degrees of activation, particle size & bed depth.

Name of the product:Carbomax (Activated Carbon Filter)
MOC: SS (304,316,316L)/MSEP/MSRL/ FRP
Pipeline MOC:PVC/ SS (304,316,316L)/MSRL/ MSEP
Valve: Multiport Valve / Butterfly Valve
Mode of Operation:Semi-Automatic / Automatic/ Manual
Media: Activated Carbon/Filtering Sand/ Graded Gravels
Halfing Value of Activated Carbon : Upto 2.5 cm
Salient Features