Cyclomax (Side Stream Filter)

Metcon’s Cyclomax is the one of the finest options to resolve the TSS problems in Cooling Tower Circuits for various industry. It prevents the suspended solids from depositing on the pipes and heat exchanger plates thereby reducing the downtime of equipment and increasing the efficiency.

These filters are designed for inlet suspended solids load upto 50 ppm, maintaining a filtered water quality of < 5 ppm. The filter feed pump will draw water from the cooling tower basin and recirculate back to the cooling tower. Normally Cyclomax is designed at 5-8% of the total volume in recirculation.

Apart from Cooling Water Side Stream Filtration, these filters are widely used for various other applications viz. water polishing, recreational and aquaculture applications.

The unit is backwashed using Air Scouring during backwash mode.

Name of the Product: Cyclomax (Side Stream Filter)
MOC : SS (304,316,316L)/MSEP/MSRL/ FRP
Pipeline MOC:PVC/ SS (304,316,316L)/MSRL/ MSEP
Valve: Multiport Valve / Butterfly Valve
Mode of Operation: Semi-Automatic / Automatic/ Manual
Media:Graded Gravels, Silex, Filtering Sand
Inlet Suspended Solids : <30 ppm
Outlet Suspended Solids : <5 ppm
Salient Features