DuoMax (Dual Media Filter)

Metcon’s DuoMax is typically designed for removal of iron, turbidity and suspended solids. The ferrous salts are oxidised into insoluble ferric salt by the dissolved oxygen present in the water. Cleaning of the filter bed is effected by passing a reverse upward flow of water through the filter. To assist in cleaning the bed, the passage of wash water is normally proceeded by application of air agitation. The upward passage of air bubbles agitate the filter bed with a scrubbing scouring action which loosens the retained impurities.

Metcon’s DuoMax incorporates a top layer of anthracite to remove bulk of suspended solids and second layer of manganese green sand / catalytic filtering media/birm to remove both suspended and dissolved iron followed by final layers of dense garnet and gravels.

The advantages of providing anthracite layer are;

  1. The coarse anthracite does pre filtration and removes most of turbidity from water before the water comes in contact with fine sand;
  2. The coarse anthracite is provided for holding higher amount of turbidity within the bed
  3. The anthracite being coarse provides less pressure drop.
Name of the Product: DuoMax (Dual Media Filter)
MOC:SS (304,316,316L)/MSEP/MSRL/ FRP
Pipeline MOC: PVC/ SS (304,316,316L)/MSRL/ MSEP
Valve: Multiport Valve / Butterfly Valve
Mode of Operation:Semi-Automatic / Automatic/ Manual
Media: Treated Sand/Anthracite/ Silex / Gravels
Maximum Iron as Fe – 0.8 ppm
Outlet Iron as Fe– <0.3 ppm
Salient Features