Ferromax (Iron Removal Filter)

Iron as Fe may be in suspended form or dissolved form. Dissolved iron in water precipitates as Ferric hydroxide when the O2 from the raw water is released and water comes in contact with Oxygen from the air. Sometime iron may be associated with dead vegetable matter is known as heme Iron.

To facilitate iron removal normally following steps are taken;

  1. Aeration
  2. pH Correction
  3. Contact with Catalyst (MnO2)
  4. Filtration
Normally iron is found in bore well which also has substantial quantity of dissolve CO2 and has typically low pH level. When the water is aerated by spray or through aeration towers (Like degasser) the CO2 from the water is released. This increases the pH and also saturates the water with oxygen which is necessary for oxidizing the iron from the soluble ferrous as Fe2 form to insoluble ferric as Fe3 forms. The pH of water is increased by dosing alkali like NaOH/CaCO3. Alkali helps in formation of Ferric Hydroxide which precipitates.
Name of the Product:Ferromax (Iron Removal Filter)
MOC:SS (304,316,316L)/MSEP/MSRL/ FRP
Pipeline MOC:PVC/ SS (304,316,316L)/MSRL/ MSEP
Valve: Multiport Valve / Butterfly Valve
Mode of Operation:Semi-Automatic / Automatic/ Manual
Media: Graded Gravels, Silex, Treated sand
Maximum Iron as Fe– 1 ppm & upto 2 ppm with oxocell©
Outlet Iron Content - <0.3 ppm
Salient Features