Sedimax (Pressure Sand Filter)

Metcon’s Sedimax are most conventional filters, extensively in use. Media used are Filtering Sand, Silex and Graded Gravels; Sedimax is designed for maximum inlet turbidity, suspended solid load upto 50 ppm, maintaining a filtered water quality < 5 ppm. Coagulants have to be added in raw water prior to feed the filter. This filter can be backwashed with raw water for inlet suspended solids, turbidity < 25 NTU and use filtered water if turbidity loads > 50 NTU along with Air Scoring.
Name of the Product:Sedimax (Pressure Sand Filter)
MOC: SS (304,316,316L)/MSEP/MSRL/ FRP
Pipeline MOC: PVC/ SS (304,316,316L)/MSRL/ MSEP
Valve: Multiport Valve / Butterfly Valve
Mode of Operation: Semi-Automatic / Automatic/ Manual
Media: Filtering Sand, Graded Gravels, Silex
Maximum Suspended SolidS 25 ppm
Outlet Iron Content <5 ppm
Salient Features